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Find and explore small wonders. If you want, you can hide away from the world here, or you can relax in one of our world-famous healing thermal baths. You can go on a hike to the highest point of Western Transdanubia, or you can get to know historical monuments which are thousands of years olds. If this isn’t enough, then go and check out the region’s most famous authentic festival about the roman culture named the Savaria Historical Carnival.

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Mineral water, nature, and history. Sárvár is the city where you can find all of this. No matter which generation, everybody finds their way here to relax. If you want to calm down in a luxury environment, want a meaningful rest, go on a hike or a horse riding, you found the right place. If you travel with family, you will find family-friendly hotels, a large beach, and pool complexes, mostly with healing thermal water. Is anybody wants more?


Never heard of Bükfürdő? We are sure that if you searched for a famous spa in central Europe than you know about this city. The good reputation isn’t accidental; the healing thermal water is good for the soul, the mind, and the body.


Go for a walk on Mount Ság or see an inactive, thousands of years old volcano from inside. If you get tired after all-day activities, go and relax your muscles in the Vulkán Spa. Finally, close the day with local wine while you are watching the beautiful sunset.


If you stay at Szentgotthard – which is the gate of Őrség – just for one weekend, it doesn’t be enough to experience all the treats. There are a lot of sights, the fantastic nature, the beautiful lakes, the Rába river, and the St.Gotthard Spa & Wellness right next to the Austrian and Slovenian border.

Vasi Hegyhát

Not just the big things make us happy. Sometimes a small wonder can mean more to us. Like the ones, you find when you visit Vasi Hegyhát which are the Jeli Magic Garden, the Kneipp tour, the various religious monuments, and the Lake Vadása.


What comes to your mind when you think about Szombathely? For most of us, it is the Savaria Historical Carnival; this is not accidental; the Historical Carnival is an internationally famous yearly event. Of course, this isn’t the only things which will worth your time when you visit this city.


Are tired because of urban noise and a stress? The solution to your problem is Őrség. Come and experience how pure nature can help you slow down. The undisturbed nature, the geographic location, the simpler life will help you to relax. Let the Őrség refill you in its way.


You are the one who prefers the forest, nature, and hiking instead of the spa and wellness? Then we have a piece of good news for you; you will love Kőszeg and its surrounding. You find here the Írottkő, which is the highest point of Western Transdanubia. The old city has a unique atmosphere that catches you, the gastronomy and excellent wines all helps you to feel something special.

Local Flavors

To explore something new, you must experience and try the local flavors and cuisine. If you are in Vas County search for the local products. The question is, where? Check out the site of the Pannon Local Products which will guide and help you to find the best!